Tips For Restoring Your Deck For Summer

Wood decks, if left to the ravages of nature, can quickly deteriorate from that clean, shining wood surface you so admired to a dingy, gray, mildew and dry-rot infested eyesore. If the damage is mostly to the deck surface, quick relief is on the way with the cleaning and resealing methods for spring recommended below. Before you begin, though, you should take a look underneath to be sure dry rot hasn’t found its way into your deck.

Check for dry rot

Dry rot is a fungus that forms in moisture-soaked wood, most often in places shaded from sunlight. Left untreated, it’ll spread and destroy the integrity of the wood, leading to structural failure. If you can sink a screwdriver into your wood deck at any area, it’s a tell-tale sign of decay and that the deck boards need to be replaced.

Pro tip: Don’t be fooled by painted boards that look sound. Dry rot can hide behind a layer of paint and be difficult to notice until you probe.

Apply a quality deck seal

When it comes to sealers, among the best choices are pigmented sealants since it’s the pigments that absorb UV rays and diminish the discoloration often seen on wood decks. An epoxy sealant has chemicals that both deflect sun rays and absorb harmful rays. It’s a water-based formula that comes in various colors such as natural pine, cedar, and redwood. Tinted finishes add color without hiding the natural wood grain, while semi-transparent stains add more color, allowing some of the wood’s grain to show. The semi-transparent stains provide longer protection than tinted finishes.

Pro tip: Allow your deck to dry before you apply any sealer or stain. Then choose a day when you are confident that you won’t have any rain for the next 24 to 48 hours. Also, you shouldn’t attempt to apply stains or sealers over existing paint or stain because the sealer will not penetrate the wood.

To wrap this up

After properly cleaning and resealing your deck, it should look brand new. It’s time to bust out the outdoor patio furniture sets and the umbrella sun table, because, after all this hard work, you’ll definitely want to enjoy the pleasuring calm of the beautiful spring season in your very own backyard.

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