Questions To Ask Your Roofer

Five Questions To Ask Your Roofer

Your roof is a big investment and nothing is scarier than knowing you have damage, leaks, or problems at home.  When it’s time to contact a roofing contractor in Lynchburg, VA we certainly hope you will consider us, but we want you to do your due diligence so you feel comfortable with whomever you may choose.  Hiring an honest and competent roofer shouldn’t be difficult in the heart of the Bible Belt here in Central Virginia but that isn’t always true.  As you start to look for your contractor here are five things you need to check before hiring any prospective roofer to work on your home:

Liability Coverage and Insurance

The answers to all three of these questions should to be “yes” without hesitation. As a follow up, ask to see the relevant paperwork for these three things. If the roofer cannot produce them, chances are he does not have them. Look elsewhere.

Local References and Testimonials

It is crucial that you follow up on the roofer by checking their references. As we all know here at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains we get all kinds of storms and heavy winds and doing a roof up North doesn’t always mean they’ve dealt with Lynchburg weather.  If a roofer can’t provide testimonials you are comfortable with, look elsewhere.


You will want to know how much the deposit is before roof installation or roofing repairs begin. This is both for your own budget and to ensure that there is good faith money on the table. Never pay for the entire cost before work begins.

Time Frame

Down South we have our share of folks who move at their own pace.  While that’s perfectly fine in most things, you are going to want to get a rock solid idea for the time frame for your work to be started and finished in advance. Remember, they do call it “Lunchburg” because everyone is always out to lunch. :>

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For Your Work Before You Begin?

This is an important step that many people often overlook. This can help you save time and money by allowing the roofer to get started right away when he shows up for work on the first day. Make them be detailed so you can be.

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