At some point, everyone dreams of owning a fixer-upper. If you’ve recently made this dream come true for yourself, you may be wondering, “What comes next?”. After all, TV shows make fixing up a fixer-upper look like a snap. In real life though, it isn’t always so simple. But if you keep these tips from All Phase Roofing and Construction handy, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Professionals You Can Trust 

When you’re working on updating a fixer-upper, you need to choose your contractors wisely. The last thing you want is to hire a contractor who isn’t reliable, tries to upsell you on unnecessary projects or doesn’t do quality work. Any of these issues could end up costing you a fortune to remedy, so do your homework and go with pros you can trust from the start.

If you’re remodeling what’s to be your dream home, architecture design services will also ensure that the look and feel of your home is just perfect. You can use a freelance architecture designer to help you plan out the details of your improvement projects, and then call a licensed contractor when you’re ready to complete them.

A Little DIY Know-How and Effort

Your time is so valuable. So if you can hand off some of your remodeling and management projects to experienced pros like All Phase Roofing & Construction, consider doing so. There are some jobs like building or repairing a deck that should always be handled by a professional anyhow to help you avoid potential issues, safety concerns, and additional costs. With this being said, being willing to DIY can also save you a lot of stress.

Some simple updates that you can easily take care of on your own include painting a room, swapping out faucets, building planters, and completing a long list of cleaning projects. You can complete most of these home improvement projects in less than a day, and your wallet will be happier for it. Any little bit of savings can really add up when you’re working on a fixer-upper.

If this is your first home, you should also be aware of routine home maintenance projects that should be completed throughout the year. For example, you’ll need to clean leaves and debris out of your gutters during the fall, and then you’ll want to replace caulking around windows once spring arrives.

Emergency Home Maintenance Savings 

Whether you plan on updating your fixer-upper as a rental or keeping it as a home, unexpected repairs and maintenance issues are bound to pop up. True, working with licensed contractors and other professionals can help mitigate these issues. But even brand new homes can cause surprise problems for owners. That’s why you should always have an emergency repair fund.

Most financial experts recommend keeping at least 1 to 2 percent of a home’s value in a dedicated repair/maintenance savings account. Then you won’t be left scrambling to come up with a way to pay for unexpected expenses. Otherwise, you may need to use credit cards, loans, and other options that will end up costing you even more with added interest and fees.

Now if you end up with a surplus in your emergency fund, you could also use that extra money to add even more comfort and convenience to your home with technology. That is, only if you plan on living in your home once it’s finished. While smart home tech may seem like a good investment for a rental property, the high maintenance costs could eat into your profits.

Your fixer-upper could be a dream come true if you take the right steps when remodeling. Work with pros you can trust and DIY what you can. Finally, come armed with a solid financial plan.

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